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Fusion Audio Magic Power Cord

The Fusion Audio Magic power cord is the newest design for Fusion Audio. Standard length is 5ft. The cable can be custom terminated and can be made with worldwide plugs.

$ 1400.00          Back


The latest design from Fusion Audio is the Magic power cord. Fusion Audio does not change design every year as a marketing trick, instead we concentrate on high cost/quality materials, design that require manual assembly and producing cables that truly sound unique in the marketplace. Fusion Audio cables are also priced well below competitors offering similar quality. 

The Magic power cable adds a unique sonic signature to the Fusion line up. The sound is transparent, three dimensional and spacious without losing a sense of musicality. Attack and decay of instruments is elevated from other Fusion designs. You will experience a keen sense of the music quickly appearing and disappearing from various parts of the soundstage. The bass has punch and definition with great impact. The music has a sense of being alive in your room providing a greater listening experience. 

The Magic power cable design starts with air insulated silver conductor that is highly annealed. The stock plug and iec used is the Furutech FI-28 Rhodium connectors. Shielding on the cables is from plug to plug providing an exceptionally quiet background. 

The outcome of the Magic power cable is a versatile design that is suitable for all audio components. In addition, the Magic matches well with a variety of both solid state and tube equipment.  

Fusion Audio Magic Power Cord