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Plinius SA 103
1989 saw the introduction of the PLINIUS SA-100, developed as a stereo amplifier from early work done by the PLINIUS design team. The SA-100 broke new ground in that a powerful Pure Class A amplifier was available within an economic package. Many hundreds were sold under different guises, culminating in the SA-102 in 2003.

Time passes, development continues and with the introduction of the SA-Reference amplifier a new standard has been achieved for PLINIUS.

The PLINIUS SA-103 has been deve
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Plinius SA Reference
In 1992, PLINIUS released the SA-250 Class A Amplifier. This amplifier was to become our reference standard, and one to which we compared all of our other products.

With the development of the PLINIUS Odeon, SB-300 and SA-201 it became apparent that the SA-250 had been eclipsed as our reference product. We therefore set about correcting the imbalance. While we continue to champion our asymmetric approach to circuit design we have refined the operation of our output stage with by far the large
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Plinius SB301
The PLINIUS SB-301 is our answer to the perennial power versus sonic quality debate.

We were approached about 12 months ago by a Californian company engaged in the manufacture of large home theatre speaker systems, and asked to submit an amplifier for their appraisal.

There were two important specifications that had to be adhered to, a)the amplifier had to sound good,and b)the amplifier had to sound good at 120dB!

We sent them an SA-102 and goal one was achieved. The sound quality was b
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