Image 0 of C-046 IEC Connector

C-046 IEC Connector


Gold (1.5 micron) / Palladium (0.3 micron)

IEC only

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Super thick (1.5 micron) 24K Gold plating is applied directly on the polished

surface of the receptacle and blade and is then polished twice again. A

final plating of Palladium (0.3 micron) is applied and polished twice again.

The quality and choice of plating materials alters the sound dramatically.

Where the Rhodium sounds pure and bold, the Gold sounds warm, spacious

and luxurious and Gold Palladium is pure, vivid and extended. Any one of the

three is far above standard audiophile grade connectors. It's up to you to choose which suits your taste and system most.