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The Deep Dream is 3.5ft long. Retail $1395 *By popular demand, available Feb 5, a 5ft Deep Dream at a Retail price of $1695.

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Dream State Audio Technology: Explanation of Methodology

Dream State power cords are the culmination of years spent in research and development intended to provide the audio/video industry with the pinnacle of performance through superior materials and technologically advanced construction methods, with no regard to building the products to a price point as most companies do.

The result is a stunning accomplishment reflective of the highest quality components available in the world and sound engineering.

Dream State power cords have been designed for specific audio and video applications. The manufacturing process of each Dream State power cord reflects the company's Best results regardless of time philosophy. The materials selected for each Dream State power cord reflect the company's Quality at any cost philosophy.

Carbon fiber has long been recognized as a state of the art construction technique for aerospace airframes and Dream State has discovered the benefits it affords the audio/video industry. Our carbon fiber sleeving provides a strong biaxial carbon fiber matrix without seams or overlap in a tightly braided .050 thick flexible form, providing radial stability and torsional strength.

The most important property that carbon fiber lends to audio/video applications is its rejection of RFI (radio frequency interference) and EMI (electromagnetic interference). It presents a resistive load to all frequencies of electromagnetic waves that impinge upon it.

Carbon fiber also resists the static charge that occurs on the surface of power cords, which interfere with the signal and introduce background noise. Dream State power cords are the only cords in the industry that do not require regular treatment to prevent static charge build up.