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Introducing the Red Wine Audio Isabella - a reference-level, battery powered vacuum tube line-stage preamplifier created for music connoisseurs seeking a sublime listening experience, dependability, and value. We meticulously designed the Isabella to greatly enhance any high quality two-channel music system by offering the listener an emotionally involving, natural, and effortless musical presentation.

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Two 6922 dual triode tubes (one per channel)

3 sets of analog inputs and 2 sets of analog outputs using premium Vampire RCA jacks

Remote volume control using motorized Alps potentiometer

Hi/Low gain select switch to maximize volume control range in various systems

Sliding glass window on top cover for easy tube access and visability

Separate linear voltage regulation stages for B+, tube heaters, input select relays and optional dac (see below)

Only one premium paper-in-oil capacitor in signal path

No transformers, no rectifiers, no DC-DC converters, no ribbon cables or connectors in the signal path

Auto-mute delayed turn-on sequencing (approx. 40 seconds) to allow for adequate tube warm-up and stabilization and to eliminate turn on/off transients