Oyaide L/i50EXs

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Oyaide L/i50EXs



Conductor high purity oxygen-free-copper,extensively annealed in low temperature to rectify mechanical distortion and stress from the extrusion process for smoother electron transport
Insulation Silicon rubber, for mechanical strength, high insulation factor and resonance absorption.
Structure star-quad formation for lower inductance, and for cancelling the effect of magnetic fields and therefore lower noise. Each of the 4 cores are insulated with reinforced; resonance

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As the leading specialists in Japan, we have continuously concentrated our effort in developing the ideal cable and its accessories for the last 25 years. Today we naturally recognize and appreciate the qualitative differences between various cable configurations. We also have a vast selection of plugs and sockets to choose from. But for the true quality of sound, what we had available wasn't sufficient. We needed to go further to develop new connectors that would represent genuine 'State of the Art'. We knew that cables and connectors needed to break through to a new level to match and enhance fast-developing technological advancements, and we realized that to achieve this level would require a new and different level of quality control as well as attention to detail in design equal to or even more advanced than that employed in the production of other electronic equipment. Because the quality of even the smallest component and the raw materials used to make them is of utmost importance we have chosen to produce our products entirely in Japan. This is our top of the range Power Cable. It delivers traditional reliability and quality together with high-speed response, high resolution and an extensive sound stage.

Conductor high purity oxygen-free-copper

CableStructure Star-Quad

AWG (Stranding) 11 Gauge 4Sq (400/0.012 x 2)

Cable O.D. 10.6 mm

Cable Length 1.8m

Volt/Amp 125V / 15 Amp

Applied Emi9 Absorbing Tape