Red Wine Audio Signature 70.2 Monoblocks

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Red Wine Audio Signature 70.2 Monoblocks


The Red Wine Audio Signature 70.2 monoblock amplifiers were created for music connoisseurs seeking a sublime listening experience, dependability, and value

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The Signature 70.2 monoblock amplifiers are a highly refined and improved version of our award winning Signature 70 monoblock amplifier.

Listed below are the major refinements in its musical presentation:

a) A warmer, and more seductive sound signature

b) Greater dimensionality

c) Added bass weight

d) Sweeter top end

e) Richer tone, without sacrificing any pace, rhythm and timing

The amplifier board in each Signature 70.2 has been heavily modified in order to achieve the sonic enhancements listed above. Below are examples of such refinements:

1) A new output filter stage design that features all new, higher-quality components as well as all new filtering characteristics.

2) The new output filter components are now hard-wired together (point-to-point) and have the speaker output wiring directly connected to them to offer an even shorter, cleaner signal path.

3) A higher grade of PIO (paper-in-oil) input capacitor

4) Modified input stage design, which also features higher quality parts such as resistors, dc offset pot, etc.