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WLM Diva


The Diva's unique concentric twin-driver (coaxial) loudspeaker design offers its listener a direct connection to the essential core of the music.

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The Diva enclosure demonstrates the finest level of old-world craftsmanship using 22 mm thick MDF-boards with extensive solid timber bracing for increased rigidity and resonance suppression. Master woodworkers take the highest level of care and precision during the construction of the interior and exterior of the Diva enclosures.

The concentric twin-driver assembly (coaxial) offers a unique two-way design where the two drivers allow the music to flow in perfect focus from the front of the speaker. The main driver features a stiff paper-cone with a cloth surround. A minimalist crossover design is built with highly selective components.

As with other WLM speaker models, the Diva is equipped with the WLM Tweeter Control. This offers the listener a continuous +/- 3dB adjustment of the tweeter response to obtain seamless integration with the room acoustics, audio components, and the listener?s personal tastes.

Premium WBT speaker posts on the rear terminal allow for connection via bare wire, banana plugs, or spade terminals.

The bass reflex port of the Diva is located on the bottom of its enclosure, and with its adjustable spikes, the height of the Diva (and thus the distance of the bass reflex port to the floor) is easily adjusted to fine-tune the low-frequency reproduction to the acoustics of the listening room.