WLM La Scala Monitors

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WLM La Scala Monitors


When the comparatively small La Scala Monitors are playing, one is expecting to find much bigger speaker units. These monitor loudspeakers are on a quest to redefine performance and value in their size and price class!

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The La Scala Monitor enclosure demonstrates the finest level of old-world craftsmanship using 22 mm thick MDF-boards with extensive solid timber bracing for increased rigidity and resonance suppression. Master woodworkers take the highest level of care and precision during the construction of the interior and exterior of the La Scala Monitor enclosures.

As with other WLM speaker models, the La Scala Monitor is equipped with the WLM Tweeter Control. This offers the listener a continuous +/- 3dB adjustment of the tweeter response to obtain seamless integration with the room acoustics, audio components, and the listener?s personal tastes.

High-quality speaker posts on the rear terminal allow for connection via bare wire, banana plugs, or spade terminals.

As a genuine two-way system, the La Scala Monitor uses two stiff paper cone drivers each receiving their respective signal from a minimalist crossover design.

While the bass reflex opening on the front of the enclosure simplifies placement in a given room, the La Scala Monitor greatly appreciates being placed on a firm and stable stand (preferably one that has spikes to decouple it from the floor of the listening room) for optimal performance.

Sound Characteristics

The La Scala Monitor sound reproduction qualities will leave the most demanding listeners spellbound! It completely shatters the usual criteria of judgment in its price category and that of much higher price levels.

The La Scala Monitor delivers fine resolution, a fully transparent soundstage in an open and wide space, and continuous and harmonious flow from upper frequencies down to the clearly contoured full bass. The entire audible spectrum is reproduced in a highly musical and emotional manner. Voices and instruments are distinctly identifiable, as if placed on a stage in front of the listener. It will be difficult to find a speaker that offers this type of type of connection with the music as readily as the La Scala Monitor.

Connecting to and placing of the La Scala Monitor will prove to be a very simple exercise - easier than with most other speakers. Right from the start they will play and perform at a very musical level. Another benefit of the La Scala Monitor is that they will accommodate essentially any type of room. Besides not being demanding on room positioning, these meticulously designed Austrian monitors offer the weight and scale of larger floorstanding speakers - without the need for bass equalization or any other electronic support!